As a poor millennial student, like most of my peers there’s rarely money left in the budget to properly treat myself. Clothes from Topman are cherished and stretching to afford proper Converse rather than Primark knockoffs could probably be considered as an actual skill by now.

The thing is, in the majority of the time I’m okay with this, I take care of myself yeah but I’ve never seen the logic in paying £70 for a plain white t-shirt with a logo on when you can get that for a fiver somewhere else.

Liam Gallagher’s Pretty Green could be considered a guilty pleasure, not guilty in the way that you’d have a guilty song rather a guilty in which you think to yourself ‘I cannot afford this, what in the actual hell am I doing!?’ but rather, I can scrape by on Ramen noodles for a few days to stretch to get this shirt, kind of guilty.

Uncanny if I do say so myself

Maybe the fact that the man who gets the final say on the clothing may just be my biggest hero, the thought of LG wearing the same shirt as me has crossed my mind more than the once. Maybe it’s the influence of my dad, an authentic 60’s mod complete with a Lambretta scooter and a taste in music that would rival the likes of mod-father Paul Weller himself, or maybe it’s just the fact that the paisley looks so damn cool. Either way, every month I find myself scraping the bottom of my pockets to fill my wardrobe with a collection that I can scarcely afford.