Not content with a number one best seller on Amazon with her book ‘Felix the Railway cat’, Huddersfield station’s most popular staff member is again raising money for those in need.

Huddersfield’s favourite feline has already raised over £40,000 for various charities thanks to her book, a 5K walk challenge, and sales of her 2017 calendar.

Not one to rest on her laurels Felix is at it again, having been a cover star on March 13th’s Big Issue North.

In-line with her immense online popularity, demand was so high for copies that the magazine sold out 3 times.

Issue 1174 with Felix as its cover star.

Big Issue seller Tom Joyce says that he’s never seen demand like it:

“I’ve been selling the Big Issue for a little under a year and I’ve always had copies left over at the end of the day…I only had to mention Felix’s name and I had people clambering for a copy”.

The magazine, who work to provide the homeless a source of income released a statement on their website addressing the demand:

“After having SOLD OUT of back issues (3 TIMES!) due to unprecedented demand for a certain feline friend, we have launched the cover of issue 1174 in poster format to keep Felix’s fans happy.”

Big Issue Seller Tom Joyce said the demand was ‘absolutely crazy’.

TransPennine Express’ Dale Woodward, who works with Felix every day at the station says he isn’t surprised by how popular she is:

“A cat with a job is going to get a big following…she’s had visitors from everywhere, last week a couple from China came over just to see her.”

Dale Woodward with his favourite work colleague Felix.

Mr. Woodward says even with her popularity she’s just like any other house-cat:

“She just lazes around the office most of the time, she goes out every-so often but I don’t think in all my time working at this station I’ve ever seen a pest for her to control…she’s a bit of a diva but great to have around, not just for commuters but for staff as well”.

Felix, who has recently had a promotion to Senior Pest Controller is said to be celebrating her charitable achievements with lots of ‘sleep, food and more sleep’.

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Good Morning Britain’s Interview with Felix herself: